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Overview by Season

Choosing a favourite time to visit California is like picking a treat from your favourite box of chocolates—each season seems better than the next. In spring, discover waterfalls tumbling into Yosemite Valley and wildflowers painting the hills. Come summer, watch surfers along Southern California beaches, or catch the city vibe at a rooftop restaurant in L.A. Inland, stop by farm stands for juicy peaches, berries, and a chat with local farmers. In autumn, experience harvest time at vineyards north to south. And in winter, look for migrating whales along the coast, or schuss down Sierra slopes.

That’s not to mention year-round must-sees, like cable cars clanging up San Francisco’s hills, celebrities strolling on Malibu beaches, amazing shopping, unforgettable restaurants, world-class museums and, of course, magical lands of make-believe and films. So come and explore the Golden State. No matter which season you pick, you’re sure to find a sweet treat indeed.

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