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State Size & Drive Times

California is big – real big. If you were to drive the length of the state along Interstate 5, it would take you an estimated 15 hours, with little or no traffic, to get from Oregon to Mexico. At the end of your road trip, you'd have driven nearly 1,287 kilometers (800 miles).

Downtown San Diego is just less than 20 miles (32 kilometers) north of the Mexican border and about 130 miles (210 kilometers) south of Los Angeles. From Los Angeles, it's 385 miles (620 kilometers) north to San Francisco and from there, it's another 90 miles (145 kilometers) northeast to Sacramento. You'd put about 190 miles (305 kilometers) on your car driving from San Francisco to Yosemite National Park, and about 600 miles (965 kilometers) driving from Los Angeles to Mount Shasta in Northern California. Needless to say, California is ideal for road trips.

Below is a chart that shows you driving distances between major cities in California to help you plan your trip.


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